Stock Prediction Model with Business Intelligence using Temporal Data Mining

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Sailesh Iyer
Dr. P.V. Virparia, Dr N.N. Jani


The stock market domain is a dynamic and unpredictable environment. Traditional techniques, such as fundamental and technical
analysis can provide investors with some tools for managing their stocks and predicting their prices. However, these techniques cannot discover
all the possible relations between stocks and thus there is a need for a different approach that will provide a deeper kind of analysis. Data mining
can be used extensively in the financial markets and help in stock-price forecasting. We are proposing in this paper a portfolio management
solution with business intelligence characteristics. This prototype will serve as a basis for Stock Market Prediction & Portfolio Analysis by Data
Mining using Business Intelligence which can benefit users to take informed decisions.



Keywords: Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Portfolio Analysis, Prototype, Prediction, Forecasting. Temporal Data Mining.


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