A Survey on E-Payment using Quantum and Visual Cryptography

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Anshu Arele
Prof. Vikas Sejwar


In recent years, E-shopping obtained a huge growth because of its advantages. Advantages of E-shopping are comparison of prices, save time, save energy, save fuel, 24*7 availability ,high availability of merchandise, no need to waiting in lines, etc. If there are advantages there will be disadvantages like personally you can’t check the item, diminished instant satisfaction. Also it creates some security threats such as debit, credit card fraud, phishing etc. Cryptography includes a procedure called encryption and it does not mean that using it we are hiding the information behind the image. Modern cryptographic technique include Quantum cryptography which uses quantum physics phenomena (particularly quantum coincidence and quantum retribution) to accomplish cryptographic errands or to disrupt encoded system.. Visual Cryptography generates shares to hide the customer details and image stenography protect the data with using OTP for secure the transmission. In this report, we have studies about E- Commerce that uses different-different cryptography algorithms e.g. XOR, NTRU etc.. Also discussed about how it secure the e-payment system.


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