An Efficient Weight Based Clusterhead Selection Algorithm for Mobile ad hoc Network

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R. Gunavathi
P. Sivaprakasam


Clustering can improve the network management and energy saving. In the clustered network organization the clusters are formed by
grouping the mobile nodes with one special role node termed as clusterhead. Cluster based communication protocols have been proposed for ad
hoc networks for various reasons. In the proposed algorithm all clusterheads spread across the network. In this paper the high-weight node is act
as a clusterhead with minimum 3-hop count distance between each other. We also investigate to minimize the clusterhead change, increase in
lifetime of clusterheads, less energy conservation. The simulation results are compared with On-Demand Weighted Clustering Algorithm
(ODWCA) and it shows that the Efficient Weight based Clusterhead Selection Algorithm (EWCSA) that improves the network performance for
Mobile ad hoc Network.


Keywords – MANET, Clustering, Highest Degree Algorithm, Lowest Identifier Algorithm, Distributed Clustering Algorithm, Weighted
Clustering Algorithm


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