Detached Rule Scheduling In Active Database System

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Prof H.R. Vyawahare
Prof S.R. Gupta


Active systems are emerging in many fields, being particularly interesting those like Active Database Management Systems which
always provide some kind of reactive capabilities. Active database systems support mechanisms that enable them to respond automatically to
events that are taking place either inside or outside the database system itself. Active Database Systems (ADBSs) provides a good infrastructure
to define and execute active rules. One of the most important current trend concerns the support of detached active rules, i.e., of rules which are
executed as separate transactions, running outside of the scope of the transaction which generates the triggering event. Detached rules have
important applications in workflow management and global integrity maintenance across transactions. One of the main issues in designing the
rule engine for detached rules is determining their scheduling.



Keywords: Detached rule scheduling, active database management system, ADBS


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