A View in Internet Banking Through Organizational Culture

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Ioannis V. Koskosas


The aim of this research is to investigate information systems security in the context of risk management. In doing so, it adopts a social
and organizational approach by investigating the role and determinants of organizational culture in the process of security goal setting with
regard to internet banking risks. The research seeks to demonstrate the important role of culture in the risk management context from a goal
setting point of view through a case study approach within three financial institutions in Greece. The determinants of organizational culture are
also explored and discussed as well as the different goal setting procedures within different information system groups. Ultimately, this research
provides a discussion of an interpretive research approach with the study of culture and goal setting in the risk management context and its
grounding within an interpretive epistemology.



Keywords: Culture, goal setting, security management, internet banking, interpretive epistemology


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