A Fuzzy based Anti Spam SMTP Proxy Server Engine with Performance Tuning

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Vijayan R
Subhashini S, Viknesh S T G M


Spam messages are nuisance and huge problem to most users since they clutter their mailboxes and waste their time to delete all the
junk mails before reading the legitimate ones. They also cost user money with dial up connections, waste network bandwidth and disk space and
most importantly make available harmful and offensive materials such as pornographic sites to children. All these problems can be rectified by
using an apt Mail filter. The Mail filter that we have considered here is open source engine widely known as Anti Spam SMTP Proxy.
This paper provides a framework to overcome the limitations of the existing ASSP server engine by restructuring the existing ASSP server
engine. This paper would deal with spam detection as image spam, video spam that come as attachments and a single line message that would
direct to another URL with a trainable fuzzy classifier to build an automatic anti spam filter. Based on the rule, evaluations were done to predict
whether the given mail is a valid or invalid and the report is updated in the database. Finally, our work attempts to improve performance of the
Anti Spam SMTP Proxy Mailfilter by configuring the ASSP server engine with an efficient Mail Transfer Agent based on the analysis done with
leading open source MTAs like Sendmail, Postfix and Qmail.



Keywords — ASSP Restructuring, MTA comparison, Fuzzy based ASSP, Postfix Qmail Sendmail performance, ASSP performance tuning


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