A Study and usage of Visual Features in Content Based Image Retrieval Systems

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Bandna Kumari
Shruti Bharadwaj


Image retrieval is a prominent area of digital image processing. Images can be retrieved from a large collection of databaseimages on the basis of text, color and structure. Content-based image retrieval uses the visual content ofimages such as color, shape, texture and spatial layout for representing and indexing the images. In a typical CBIR system, thevisual content of the images in the database are extracted and displayed by multi-dimensional feature vectors. Thefeature vector of the images in the database is a feature database. To retrieve the images, users provide theretrieval system with query images. The system then changes query into its internal representation offeature vectors for both query and database images .In this paper we present introduction and literaturereview on various content based image retrieval techniques.


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