Implementation and Analysis of QoS in MANET using the multicast protocol MAODV

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Prof. Vijayan R
Boojitha M, Durga Devi V


Routing is a fundamental engineering task on the internet. It consists of finding a path from source to destination host. Producing the
Quality of Service in Mobile Ah hoc networks is a complex task due to limited bandwidth, changing topology and shared medium. The unicast
routing protocols increases the cost of communication and it also consumes high bandwidth. It is also necessary for the routing protocols to
guarantee the QoS services. Multicast is a bandwidth conserving technology that reduces traffic by simultaneously delivering a single stream of
information to thousands of recipients. Multicast used in videoconferencing, corporate communications, distance learning, and distribution of
software, stock quotes, and news. Multicast protocol MAODV is an extension of AODV works efficiently with the dynamic topology and
guarantees the QoS services.



Keywords: multicast routing, MAODV, ad hoc routing, AODV, DSR and DSDV protocols


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