A High Security Approach for Image Steganography by HIOP Algorithm and Strassen's Matrix Multiplication and Rapid Information Retrieval

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Khosravi Sara
Abbasi Mashallah,Khosravi Moien, Yektaie Mohammad Hossein


There are many ways to hide information or transmission of information secretly. In this sense steganography is the best part of
sending information secretly. The technology has certainly been the topic of widespread discussion among the IT community. Steganography,
like watermarking and fingerprinting is a branch of science to hide information but, unlike watermarking and fingerprinting, steganogaraphy is
the art ofwriting message or information in such a way that no one apart suitable recipient knows the meaning of the message or information.
There are many techniques to performsteganography on electronic media, most notably audio and image files.
The outcome of thispaper is to generate a cross platformthat can effectively hide a message inside a digitalimage file. We are presenting a
technique which works by changing a few pixel color value at selected pixel in the image. We divide the image into blocks and in each block,
the pixels are selected using HIOP (Higher Intensity of Pixel) algorithm, based on consideration the criteria of color intensity on image. To
increase the security level, we create distribution in selected pixels whit using strassen multiplication in each block.
Also, when retrieving a message for avoid repeating process which hidden text storage and speed up information retrieval, we save address
of selected pixel. It is also, try not to degrade image quality and as far as possible does not change the image size.



Key words: Steganography, watermarking, fingerprinting, HIOP, strassen multiplication, color intensity.


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