A Metrics Design For Evaluation of Component’s Performance During Software Development Process

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Rahul Kumar
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Sinha
Dr. Vijay Kumar


There are three categories of software metrics: Process, product and project metrics. Process metrics used to develop software and maintenance at end. It evaluate(s) software development process(s) and maintenance cost after implementation of project at end user. It includes error removal efficiency (ERE) calculation during development, testing defect pattern recognition and response time of different process(s) in the module’s of software. Product metric(s) defines different properties of product such as size of product, blueprint of product, complexity of product, performance of the product and levels of qualities of product. It describes all features of product as per input provided to the measurement of metric(s) evaluation in software. Since software quality is one of the important parameter and considered as a part of software metric(s) which focus on different factors of process, product and end user implemented project. Practically, software quality evaluation metric(s) are relatively highly associated with process and product metrics in almost many cases than with comparatively less used project metrics. Metrics must be designed and defined to assess progress among objects. Few parameters have to be applicable during determination of metric(s) for evaluation of performance of state of objects in software field.


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