Interoperable Bioinformatics Web services a Review

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P.M.Durai Raj Vincent
E. Sathiyamoorthy


Bio Informatics is a rapidly growing field with large amount of molecular biological data. Over past few years researchers are trying to build service with web-based interfaces. Incompatibility between interfaces and data types prevents users to make use of available services to some extent in web services environment. There are number of service providers and different standards are there in the field of bioinformatics. Any have, it is hard to utilize all those by a non expert developer also it is very difficult to integrate all those services to have a proper workflows. In this paper literature survey performed to identify different problems involved in web services for bioinformatics and it discusses the interoperability problem and how web services are trying to resolve this.



Keywords: Bioinformatics;interoperability;BioMoby;UnitProf;webservices


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