Simulation Based QoS Analysis of Service Composition

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Mojdeh Rahmanian


In recent years, various organizations offer their services with independent and reusable programs on internet. An important challenge
is to integrate them to create new value-added Web services. The selection of the most appropriate candidate for each service for complex
composite Web services becomes a difficult task. One possible solution is to use quality of service (QoS) to evaluate, compare and select the
most appropriate composition. Typical QoS properties associated with a web service are the execution cost and time, availability, Throughput.
We use Coloured Petri Nets (CPNs) for Web services composition. CPNs combine the strengths of Petri nets with the functional programming
language Standard ML. We use the associated software tool called CPN Tools to perform the analysis. We use the associated facilities of CPN
Tools to perform evaluate the QoS metrics.



Keywords: web service; service composition; Coloured Petri Net; Quality of Service


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