A Survey on Service Oriented Architecture on Big Data, Cloud Computing and IOT

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Karandeep Kaur
Kiranbir Kaur


As the number of patients treated in-home are increasing exponentially mainly in countries such as Japan, US A and Europe etc., these people often enter into a critical situation that may require help immediately (e.g. when facing an accident, or becoming depressed). Researches and Advances in computing areas and the Internet of Things (IOT) have provided efficient and cheap equipments including wireless communication and cameras, such as smart phones or embedded devices that enable the deployment of Health S mart Homes (HS H) that can provide medical treatment of patients in their homes. The images captured from these cameras can help nurses or caretakers of patients to provide timely help. The use of such patient images and emotional detection to assist patients and elderly people within home is provided in this article. Internet of Things and Cloud computing can work together, which can address to the Big Data problems. Big data is actually a term used for a huge data set that performs operations like storage of data, analysis, sharing, transfer, predictive analysis; updating etc. data set can grow rapidly. Data sets have different analytics on data that involve process of inspecting, transformation and modeling of data so as to discover new information, and to reach on some particular decision. There are some particular data analysis techniques from which data mining is a popular one which focuses on modeling and discovery of new facts. The discovered knowledge helps in predictive analysis purposes as well as text analysis. Further on data mining is performed on data set which involves discovery of patterns by applying different operations at databases, and using artificial intelligence, machine learning, statics etc.

Keywords: Cloud computing, IOT, AI, face recognition, big data, data mining.


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