Digital Technique in Predicting Femoral Stem Size for Total Hip Replacement

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Azrulhizam Shapi’i
Riza Sulaiman,Mohammad Khatim Hasan, Abdul Yazid Mohd Kassim,


Digital templating in total hip replacement (THR) is the preparation process of the pre-surgery scenario by using digital implant and x-ray. According to surgeons from Medical Center of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPUKM), conventional identification methods are still used to find a suitable implant for the patient. Therefore, a digital technique should be developed so that the implant size identification process can be effectively implemented. This paper will show how the femoral stem implant designed for use in the digital environment. Manual implant template used by PPUKM is using as the basis for the stem implant design. This template is redesign using AutoCAD 2008 software. Template generated in AutoCAD format will be converting to JPEG format so that it can be used in Photoshop software for colouring and scaling. Results showed that the digital technique produced were suitable to predict the femoral stem size for total hip replacement (THR) process.



Keywords: Implant, total hip replacement, digital, technique, scaling, design, femoral stem


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