Understanding the Real Issues to Move towards a Systematic Reuse Based Approach

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Kuljit Kaur
Hardeep Singh


The concept of reuse has been emphasized time and again. It was proposed as a solution to build large reliable systems in a controlled
and cost-effective way by Mcllroy in his seminal paper in the NATO conference in 1968. Recently, on the onset of the recession which hit the
global economy in 2008, the need has been again felt to make extensive use of the concept of reuse to improve the software cost structures.
However, despite this the reuse based approach to software development is still adhoc in nature. A systematic reuse based software development
approach is not followed. It may be due to the fact that tools and methods for successful implementation of software reuse are not available.
Even the terminology related to the reuse concept is not uniform. This paper attempts to put together and analyse different views related to a
popular reuse based software development paradigm – Component Based Software Engineering. It also discusses other issues that need to be
looked into for successful implementation of the concept of reuse in the context of component based software engineering.



Keywords: Software Reuse, Component Based Software Engineering, Software Cost, Component Characteristics.


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