Reliable certificate less general verification for CPSS against malevolent auditors

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Neha Chawhan
B. Mamatha
Neha George
Mrunal Shasthri


Cloud computing has many security menaces, among this Trust Management is considered as one of the biggest menaces. Privacy is a major concern in cloud computing because of the flexible and elastic nature of cloud . Maintaining the secured privacy of data stored by the consumer is a difficult task to be performed .Storing data in the cloud is advantageous the cloud does not offer any of the data integrity and trusted management issues and guarantee. Here, in this paper we discuss about the implementation of Cloud Armour. Cloud Armour can be defined as a trust management frame work .Trust as a Service (TaaS) is one of the feature provided by cloud armour. The TaaS has 1.To provide privacy and trust quality the TaaS has a unique protocol. 2. It has a quality model to determine the quality feedback to protect the cloud service from malicious users 3.Redistributed implementation of the trusted management service is made available with the help of a handy model


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