Workflow Knowledge Selection within an Enterprise for Quality of Service Improvement

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Abessolo Alo'o Ghislain


In Enterprises, knowledge is used in the execution of tasks in workflows for users. This knowledge is held by employees involved in
the workflow. With the instability of employees, quality of service is not always guaranteed. However, due to competitiveness, Enterprises are
forced to improve their quality of service to satisfy their customers. This requirement leads to the definition of an approach to build a knowledge
base used to achieve a given level of satisfaction. This knowledge base to be used by employees shall contain the most important knowledge
because it is not all knowledge of employees working in the workflow that will be kept. This raises a problem of selection of knowledge. The
knowledge management in an enterprise is the keystone for its success, and knowledge and information are becoming more important in today’s
business practice. In this paper, we address the question of choosing knowledge necessary to develop a knowledge base within an enterprise. It is
important to select the most valuable knowledge for future use. We first present the three natures of knowledge in an enterprise and show that
these three natures of knowledge can be represented uniquely as a knowledge model. From this model, we define some rules to develop a
knowledge base. By using the resulting knowledge base in daily work, enterprises will improve their productivity and quality of service,
and their workflows in order to deal with the competitive pressure of the network economy.


Keywords: Knowledge management, knowledge sharing, knowledge base, Quality of service, Customer Satisfaction, Business Process


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