Paperless Examination System for Subjective Assessment Based on Clustered Architecture

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Swati Rustogi
Richa Singh


Conducting paperless examination is one of the key for modernizing the current examination system. Current online examination
system, focus more on assessment of knowledge, using the objective questions rather than the deeper understandings of the subject, which can be
tested only by using the subjective questions. This article explains a paperless examination system, for objective as well as the subjective
questions, which will be scalable and highly available. Instead of having the Personal Computers, Tablet PCs will be used over a network. This
system will resolve some issues of the already existing examination systems, like answering of subjective questions, storing of the answer sheets,
misplacement or loss of answer sheets. This system will also make the archiving of answer sheets a hassle free process.


Keywords: examination, paperless, clustered, EJB, MVC, distributed


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