Improvisation of QoS using DBPQ for Queuing Technique in Vo-MAN Network

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Dr. Uppu Ravi Babu


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) could present excellent services through Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) platform. It could cover a lot of purpose scenario assortment from safety to comfort in quality of services, the approach is based Improvisation of QoS using DBPQ for queuing technique in VO-MAN(VOIP+MANET) related services. Queuing has become a popular technology for voice statement from side to side internet. Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) presents a high-quality stage for the fast consumption of VoIP service in many request scenario. MANETs provide a significant difficulty that makes the broadcast of real - time application like VoIP a great challenge due to Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. This paper examines the performance of queuing methods in MANets carrying VoIP traffic. Through a simulation study we investigate and assess QoS indicators such as delay, Jitter, Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) and throughput. In the existing methods the queuing has been performed based on the analysis report which has its drawbacks with mobile nodes. Hence a QoS based intelligent queue technique called DBPQ (Distance Based Priority Queue) has been proposed to analyze the performance of mobile models illustrate a travel pattern of the nodes. This paper proposes a method to evaluate and implement the DBPQ for the improvement of QoS in VoIP. The main objective of this paper is to allocate the bandwidth as per distance calculation by using RSSI algorithm concept in to undertake a fundamental investigation to enumerate the impact of various queuing mechanism for VoIP (QoS) using DBPQ for queuing technique in Vo-MAN (VoIP+MANet) network

Keywords: VoIP, QoS, RED, RSSI, DBPQ, Vo-MAN


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