Spectrum Management for Cognitive Radio based on Genetics Algorithm

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Santosh Kumar Singh
Gajendra Singh,Vibhakar Pathak, Dr. Krishna Chandra Roy


Spectrum scarceness is one of the major challenges that the present world is facing. The efficient use of existing licensed spectrum is becoming most critical as growing demand of the radio spectrum. Different researches show that the use of licensed are not utilized inefficiently. It has been also shown that primary user does not use more than 70% of the licensed frequency band most of the time. Many researchers are trying to found the techniques that efficiently utilize the under-utilized licensed spectrum. One of the approaches is the use of “Cognitive Radioâ€. This allows the radio to learn from its environment, changing certain parameters. Based on this knowledge the radio can dynamically exploit the spectrum holes in the licensed band of the spectrum. This paper will focus on the performance of spectrum allocation technique, based on popular meta-heuristics Genetics Algorithm and analyzing the performance of this technique using Mat Lab.



Keywords: cognitive radio; decision-making; Genetic Algorithm; spectrum allocation; spectrum management


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