Detection of Misbehaving Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Network

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S. Gopinath
A. Rajaram


Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is an indivisible part for communication of mobile devices. It is a dynamic wireless network that can be formed without any pre existing infrastructure in which each node can act as a router. It is easy to deploy node failure and network traffic to impersonate another node in MANET. Mobile ad hoc network has no clear line of defense, so, it is accessible to both legitimate network users and misbehaviors. In the presence of misbehaviors, one of the main challenges is to design the trust reputation system that can protect MANET from various misbehaviors. The main objective of the work is to detect the misbehavior using trust based mobility system. Mobility is exploited in order to detect the misbehavior. This model is carried out in two cases which exploit mobile nodes to collect and broadcast trust information to achieve trust convergence and provides the authentication to the mobile nodes in order to detect the misbehavior. Each node would evaluate its own trust vector parameters about neighbors through monitoring neighbor’s pattern of traffic in network. Simulation results shows that the mobility oriented trust system provides better detection efficiency, packet delivery ratio, low delay and good misbehaving node detection based on delay constraint.



Keyword: MANETs, Misbehavior, Packet Delivery Ratio, Detection efficiency, Delay Constraint.


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