A new Methodology to Prevent DDos Attacks using File Watcher and IP Watcher

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S. Malathi
K. Kuppusamy


In the modern computer world, the information is maintained in a file. Some interrupts may occur on the stored data to corrupt the
file. This may be termed as ‘Attacks’. There exists lot of attacks that would corrupt our file. One of the common attacks is termed as DDOS
Attack. To avoid these attacks and to prevent our files, the concept of file watcher, Ip watcher and firewall are used. All our files are saved in
the database and the firewall allows all kinds of users to access the files. This kind of permission to access the file has certain limitations such as
until the user does not involve in the action of modifying the file. When the file gets modified by an individual, it gets corrupted. To prevent the
file from these attacks, the file watcher and Ip watcher are included. File watcher is responsible to monitor the file stored in the home directory
and analyze the modifications made in the file. In addition, the IP address that modifies the file can be detected by IP watcher. When the client
sends request to modify the file, the file watcher deny the service provided to the user and thus prevent the file from attack. The IP Address of
the client who sends attack on the file is blocked by adding its address to the blocked list of the firewall. The clients whose IP Address are in the
blocked list can’t have permission to access the file further. Thus the file is prevented from the attacks. In this paper, a new method has been
proposed to watch the activities taken in the file and to prevent the file from modifications by other users.



Keywords: Blocked list, Deny the service, DDOS Attacks, File Watcher, Firewall, IP Address, Monitor, IP watcher


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