Secure Mobile Banking Application Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography & RGB Intensity Based Randomized Pixels With Variable Bits Image Steganography

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Prof. K. Manikandan
Prof. T. Karthikeyan, Prof.V.Vijayarajan


The Wide-expansion of mobile telecommunication technology mobile banking emerged as a new type of financial services and can
provide efficient and effective financial services for clients. Mobile banking is a way for the customer to perform banking actions on his or
her cell phone or other mobile device. It is a quite popular method of banking that fits in well with a busy, technologically oriented lifestyle.
Framework conditions for mobile banking services differ from country to country but one thing is certain: the future of mobile banking
depends on getting the security right. In this paper, we present a new way of securing mobile banking. We introduce a system which makes
use of Elliptic curve cryptography and RGB Intensity Based Randomized pixels with variable Bits image Steganography [5]. Elliptic Curve
Cryptography suites well for resources constraint devices like mobile phones and PDA, because of its less computation time, short key’s
length, fast digital signature, flexibility and less resource consumption.



Keywords: Mobile banking, Elliptic curve cryptography, Steganography, Trusted server.


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