A review on NoSQL: Applications and challenges

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Abdul Haseeb
Geeta Pattun


Now a day the technology is growing rapidly stimulating and generating whopping amount of data. Every day people and companies generate huge amounts of data and this data may be unstructured, semi-structured and structured. That’s why we need to design databases which can store this type of data in huge volumes. The name of this database is NoSQL databases. NoSQL database solves this type of problems. NoSQL database is being used widely and it is a commonly known as engines well scale. Therefore, it is useful to investigate how different factors, such as workload, data size and number of simultaneous sessions influence scaling capabilities. In this paper we describe the brief introduction of NoSQL and its categories and also what the benefits of NoSQL are and why we are using now.
Keywords: NoSQL, Graph DB, Key value DB, Column DB, Document DB


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