Automatic Personal Identification and Verification Using Fingerprints Associated with Multimode Biometrics Approach.

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Syed Mohsin Saif
Sani Asnain Wani, M Maheswran, Jayashree


This paper provides a background to fingerprint recognition, describes the biometric use of fingerprints, biometric standards and
related security issues .and also discusses several Biometric scan technologies: finger-scan, facials can and retinal-scan. As accurate automatic
personal identification is critical in a wide range of application domain such as ID cards, electronic commerce and automated banking and
several other information repositories . Biometrics , which refers to automatic identification of persons based on his/her physiological or
behavioral characteristics ,in inherently more reliable and more capable in differentiating between an authorized person and fraudulent imposter
than traditional methods such as passwords and pin numbers. Automatic fingerprinting and other biometric aspects like face, voice, iris , etc are
more reliable and secure and ways for identification and verification of person to claim the access to the information system. We have explored
the fingerprint technique and also mentioned some other techniques which when accompanied with the fingerprint provides more powerful
security to the system by granting identification to correct and verified access to the person by extracting some physical features from these
physiological parts of the body to attain respective security traits (minutiae).


Keywords: Biometric, identification, security, fingerprint, fingerprint standards, fingerprint classification, fingerprint enhancement, facial scan.,
retinal scan.


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