Remote Voting system in India: A futuristic Approach (Based on analysis of existing online voting system)

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Anooja A
Sourabh Munjal


Some Countries are casting votes over the Internet. Online voting system can be a best alternative for election and they
must provide the security as paper based elections. This Research deals with designing and building an online voting system. This
online voting system is highly secured and its design is very simple ease of use and also reliable. It built and manages voting and
election details as all the voters must login by inserting their verified user id and password then they can choose their desired
candidate to cast vote. Citizens living abroad cannot vote because of physical absence in voting station but this voting system will
also lead to increasing the voting percentage of abroad voters. My research focuses on security analysis of its previous uses and
technological risks and will also review the existing technology of remote online voting and assess the security risks.

Keywords: OVS, Database, Voting, Security, Integrity.


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