Amelioration of the HAD Metamodel for the Modelling of Complex Hybrid Systems

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Marcellin Nkenlifack
Emmanuel Tanyi, Fabrice Fokou


This article defines a standard for the construction of models of the Hybrid Activity Diagram (HAD). The standard is motivated by the
requirements of complex hybrid systems which usually interconnect a large number of components. The improved formalism facilitates the
understanding of the HAD metagraph and the implementation of its simulator from the models of hybrid systems. This results from the design of
generic connectors and more specific derivatives for flexible connectivity of system components and the definition of static attributes. The
effectiveness of the modified metamodel is illustrated by applying it to the modelling of two systems, one of which is the southern network of
the Cameroon power system.


Keywords: Modelling with HAD, Hybrid Control System, Complex System, Continuous and Discrete System, UML


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