Web Usage Mining using Improved FP Tree Algorithm with Customized Web Log Preprocessing

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Prateek Gupta
Surendra Mishra,


Web Usage Mining mines Web access logs for interesting patterns in WWW traffic. Web Usage Mining discovers interesting patterns
in accesses to various Web pages within the Web space associated with a particular server. The Web Usage Mining architecture divides the
process into two main parts- the first part includes preprocessing, transaction identification, and data integration components. The second part
includes the largely domain independent application of generic data mining and pattern matching. Input to the Web usage Mining process is
Web Server Logs, Error logs, User Cookies and Client Cache Records. This paper contains an efficient improved iterative FP Tree algorithm for
generating frequent access patterns from the access paths of the users. The frequent access patterns are generated by backward tree traversals.
This operation will take less time compare to the existing algorithms. Paper also composed of customized web log preprocessing for mined in
different applications.


Keywords: Web Usage Mining, FP Tree, Web Logs, Web Log Preprocessing, Customized Web Log Preprocessing


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