Customer Satisfaction within an Organization driven Aspect Oriented Business Component Model

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Atouba Christian Lopez
Atsa Etoundi Roger, Fouda Ndjodo Marcel


The Component Based Software Development is an activity which saw its importance increase within time. However, limitations have been detected in classic approaches of components development; notably weakness in the ability to reuse components. It is in most cases caused by crosscutting concerns. We propose in this paper, an Aspect-Oriented Business Component Model based on the concepts of Aspect approaches to increase the reusability of these business components. It is constructed from knowledge bits of user requirements in an organization, enhanced by performance indicators related to customer satisfaction of that organization. Because we cannot predict the axes of the developer’s concerns, it advocates the gradual incorporation of these throughout the development process. This model's main advantage is that it allows the substitution of some modular integration units with the suitable one. The defined model integrates as basic concerns only concerns relative to business and those relating to the satisfaction of the organization’s service delivery. The obtained model offers the possibility to apply substitution among internal elements of a business component in order to reuse certain aspects of a model


Keywords: Business Process Modeling, Requirement Engineering, Software Component, Software Development, Subject-Oriented Programming


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