A Modern Hill Cipher Involving XOR Operation and a Permuted Key

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V. U. K. Sastry
Aruna Varanasi, S. Udaya Kumar


In this paper, we have devoted our attention to the study of a symmetric block cipher by extending the analysis of the classical Hill
cipher. In this development we have introduced iteration process. In each round of the iteration process we have included a function called mix()
in order to achieve confusion and diffusion of the plaintext at every stage of the iteration. Here a key K0, formed by permuting the original key
K, is used in the formation of the cipher. This K0 is linked with the other portion of the relation governing the cipher by introducing XOR
operation. The avalanche effect and the cryptanalysis thoroughly indicate the strength of the cipher.


Keywords: symmetric block cipher, cryptanalysis, avalanche effect, ciphertext, key, permuted key.


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