A Steganographic Approach to Hide Information in Audio Signal using Discrete Wavelet Transforms

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Krishna Bhowal
Debasree Chanda,Susanta Biswas, Partha Pratim


This paper presents an effective data hiding technique to embed a secret image and extract them in a bit-exact manner by altering the
magnitudes of the coefficient of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) of audio signals. The basic concept is that the Discrete Wavelet Transform
(DWT) coefficients are divided into more details frequencies and change the magnitude of the selected DWT coefficients using XOR operator.
Taking advantage of XOR operation, it is possible to change the coefficients of DWT without compromising the statistical property of the Audio
signals. In fact, the proposed technique confirms that the maximum change is less than 6.25% of the related DWT coefficients. The experimental
results show that the technique has a high embedding capacity, without compromising the perceptual quality of the audio signals.


Keywords: Steganography, Audio Signal, Digital Wavelet Transform (DWT), Imperceptibility, Information Security, XOR operator


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