Reduction of a Scanned Concentric Ring Array Antenna with Fixed First Null Beam width

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G.K. Mahanti
A.Chatterjee, S.K.Mandal


In this paper, the authors present a method based on particle swarm optimization with self-adapted maximum velocity for focusing a
beam at any direction other than boresight in the vertical plane of a concentric ring array antenna with minimum side lobe level while keeping
the first null beamwidth fixed. The fixed first null beamwidth is made equal to or less than that of a uniformly excited and uniformly spaced
concentric ring array of same number of elements and same number of rings. The excitation amplitude is radially varied and optimized to reach
the goal. One example has been presented with fixed first null beamwidth to illustrate the potential of the method.


Keywords: Concentric ring array, first null beamwidth, particle swarm optimization, side lobe level


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