Secure Biometric Template Protection Approach using Chaotic Maps

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Uma Verma
Dr. Chander Kant


Dependable user identity administration is most needed these days, with the intention to achieve the heightened security. Finding the exact identity of any person is critical for any biometric system. However, due to the persistent connection between users and their traits(biometric), the disclosure of existing enrolled user’s information to attackers can totally compromise the security and privacy of any biometric system. One possible way to tackle the limits of the biometric system approach is to encrypted the template and store decryption key using a smart card or a secure chip, which has to be in the ownership of the designated user. This process is call biometric template protection. To improve template security in biometrics authentication using efficient data encryption technology like watermarking, steganography and chaotic map etc. chaotic map is a technique of bit by bit encryption into the host image to generate authentic image for storing in database instead of original host image. This paper proposes ways to produce protected biometric templates employing present technologies and cancellable biometrics.

Keywords: biometric, biometric templates, cancelable biometrics, encryption.


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