A Novel Technique for Digital Watermarking with Feature Based Disparity Values

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S.S. Sujatha
Dr.M.Mohamed Sathik


This paper presents a blind wavelet based image watermarking technique which embeds watermark signal into the host image in order to authenticate it. The proposed technique utilizes the perceptual information of the image content to generate the watermark. The watermark is designed by taking account of the values in the low frequency band of wavelet domain and the rescaled version of original image. The disparity between them is calculated and is disordered using Arnold transform to improve security of watermarking process. The resultant matrix is the required watermark and is embedded in the high frequency band in the wavelet domain. The watermarked image still preserves high image quality after the embedding process. Simulation results show that this technique is robust against some of the incidental image processing operations.


Keywords - Digital watermarking, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Arnold transform, Image Authentication, Content based watermarking.


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