Retended Views for Digital Content

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Nayan Jain
Utkarsh Agrawal,Jhumpa Jain, Shiwani Gupta


Content creators require way too much money for advertisements and in general to market their content, most marketing and advertising platforms follow a CPM or CPC model. Wherein the creator is paying for impressions or clicks, but this clicks are counted even if they are unintentional, i.e. the user might not be actually interacting with the content and might have just the clicked the ad by mistake. This happens in abundance thus leading the creator to spend more money to get organic users. The Retended View Model will help the marketers track actual user interaction with the ads and not just unintentional clicks. Thus helping the creator gather a legitimate traffic that might be actually interested in the said content.


Keywords: Retended; Retention, CPM, CPC, CPA.


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