Intelligent Fuzzy System for Prediction of Next CPU-Burst Time of Shortest Process Next

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Arabinda Nanda
Sujit Kumar Panda, Sonali Pradhan


SJF scheduling algorithm (SPN or Shortest Process Next), which is one of the best scheduling algorithms among all
scheduling algorithm know so far. That always has some problems because when an OS(operating system) wants to execute a process, it
does not know the exact execution time of it. After running the process, the exact execution time of that process would come into
picture. As a result, for calculating and estimating the execution time of a process before running, many algorithms were introduced. In this
paper, intelligent fuzzy system using mamdani fuzzy inference is introduced. This system is able to estimate the CPU brust time prediction


Keywords: Scheduling algorithm, Operating system, CPU-burst time, Fuzzy Inference system, Shortest Process Next (SPN).


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