Search Engine Technique Using New Ranking Algorithm for Web Mining

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Nymphea Saraf Sandhu
Yogendra Kumar Jain


:Nowadays, there are a huge amount of resources on the Web, which raises a serious problem of accurate search. This is because data in
HTML files is useful in some contexts but meaningless under other conditions. In addition, HTML cannot provide description of data
encapsulated in it. In many situations a flat list of ten search results is not enough, and the users might desire to have a larger number of search
results grouped on-the-fly in folders of similar topics. In addition, the folders should be annotated with meaningful labels for rapid identification
of the desired group of results. In other situations, users may have different search goals even when they express them with the same query. In
this thesis the research results should be personalized according to the users’ on-line activities. There are also situations where users might desire
to access fresh information. In these cases, traditional link analysis could not be suitable. In fact, it is possible that there is not enough time to
have many links pointing to a recently produced piece of information. In order to address this necessity, we discuss the algorithmic and
numerical ideas behind a new ranking algorithm suitable for ranking fresh type of information, such as news articles.


Keywords: Web mining, New Ranking Algorithm, Cluster.


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