Analysis of Uni-Modal & Multimodal Biometric System using Iris & Fingerprint

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Tarsem Bansal
Er. Munish Kumar Dhir


Traditional Biometric Systems that based on a single biometric usually suffer from problems like hacking or imposters’ attack, unacceptable error rate & low performance. So, new technology was introduced, a combination of two or more modalities is called Multimodal Biometric System such as Iris & Fingerprint, Speech & Signature, Face & Voice, Face & Fingerprints and Speech, Signature & Handwriting and more. The latest research indicates multimodal person authentication system is more effective and more challenging. The fusion of multiple biometrics helps to minimize the System error rates. In this paper, the performance of unimodal & multimodal biometric system has been compared. In this work, Iris &fIngerprint modalities been used and performance analysis is on the basis of FAR, FRR & accuracy.

Keywords: Multimodal, Unimodal, Iris, Fingerprint, Recognition rate.


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