An Improved Energy Efficient AODV Routing Protocol for MANETs

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Mr. Ravinder Mohan Jindal
Mr Lekh Raj,Leekha Jindal, Vidhu Vohra


MANETs are a collection of unstructured wireless mobile nodes which provides independence and scalability for mobile topologies. Energy conservation being cardinal in applications such as Emergency and Military operations requires energy efficient solutions. The proposed work is a newer variation of the AODV routing protocol, which tackles major issues in MANETs like adaptability and energy efficiency. It is achieved by evaluating energy values of the nodes and forwarding packets along least drained nodes path, making the network adaptive in nature. Performance evaluation with respect to network lifetime, throughput, packet delivery ratio, end-to-end delay is done using simulation tools like NS2/QualNet.


Keywords- MANETs, energy efficiency, drain count, NS2, network lifetime


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