Effective Resource Management and Quality of Service in Virtualized Environment of Cloud Computing

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Jadala Vijaya Chandra
Gyaderla Ranjith, Chindam Ravali


Cloud computing is one of the latest resources sharing computing paradigm; it delivers IT resources as services. Virtualization is one of the cloud based services it takes the advantage of statistical multiplexing across applications to yield significant cost savings to the cloud user. However, there are significant problems exists in achieving similar benefits with real-time services that can be a challenge. This paper addresses the system-wide virtualization issues such as performance modelling, workload modelling, virtualization, deployment, and monitoring by seeking to a reduced financial and environmental costs of real- time services and also offering end-users a guaranteed Quality of Services. The differences in the deadlines associated with multiplex services such as Video-on-Demand and Internet Protocol Television services and modelling are discussed. We concentrated on the behaviour and performance of applications in Cloud-based IT resources which are done by a generalized framework computing the amount of resources needed to support multiple services, without missing the deadline for any service using generic cost function and analytical performance that is queuing network system model, workload information to supply intelligent input about system requirements to an application provisioned with limited information about the physical infrastructure which detects the changes in workload intensity. In this paper we discussed various algorithms and an algorithmic approach is given, along with mathematical problem solving method. An Experimental Analysis is given which enables virtualization infrastructure to provide cloud computing services more efficiently and certainly.

Keywords: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Quality of Service, Monitoring, Security.


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