Computational Study of Thermal Wave Propagation in Human Skin During Plasmolysis of Water

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Muhammad Shahid
Norah Bidin,Yacoob Mat Daud, M.Inayat Ullah,Muhammad Talha


In carrying out the plasma electrolysis of water like experiments, lot of heat is emitted. This heat has a serious life hazards. A numerical studied has been carried out to investigate the Acute paronychia infection and other heat injuries, during plasma electrolysis of water experiments. The parametric dependence of the infection as a function of conductive, convective and radiative heat fluxes, irradiation time and heat diffusion through nail bed (epidermis) were focused with respect to different parameters of the plasma electrolysis of water. The effect of catalysts was also taken into account.


Keywords: Acute Paronychia, Plasma electrolysis, Heat flux, diffusion, Electrolytes.


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