Secure Image Encryption Technique for Wireless Network

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Kakali Chatterjee


Wireless Networks are now extensively used to transmit critical image data relating to area monitoring in defence organizations. Encryption plays an important role in such networks as the image data collected by the devices need to be encrypted before transmitting to neighbouring nodes and base stations for further processing. Image encryption is necessary to protect image data, but very challenging in such networks as the devices have constrained in terms of memory and processing speed. In this paper, an image encryption technique is proposed using threshold technique for sharing the image. The technique is used to produce two or more shares of any image. After that simple block transformation is used for encryption of the shares and then concatenate the encrypted shares to produce a single image. Experimental result shows that, this encrypted image has high entropy and low correlation coefficient, so from this encrypted image it is more difficult to understand the original image.


Keywords :Image Encryption, Correlation, Threshold Cryptography, Information Entropy


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