The Service Plan for Qos Mangment with The Help of Mobile Middleware and Video Sterming.

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Gaurav Agarwal
Supriya Agarwal,Mayank Kumar, Saurabh Singh


As middleware and component technologies lack support of QoS management, so we tried to propose a solution for how a mobile
middleware can take up support the QoS management. In order to identify' the QoS mechanisms, that the middleware must manage on behalf of
the application, we use a Video Streaming scenario and demonstrate the feasibility of our solution for this scenario. The key concept of our work
is the service plan that specifies the service and the QoS of components and compositions. These service plans are user recursively, so that the
QoS aware middleware platform can configure and reconfigure applications, based on user requirements and resource availability.


Keywords: Qos Management, Mobile Middleware, Video Streaming


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