Analysing and Implementing Spatial Distribution of Cyber Crime Trends in India

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Dr.Neeraj Bhargava
Dr. RituBhargava, Prakash Singh Tanwar


This paper shows the spatial distribution trends of cyber-crime analysis of various years with its practical implementation in ArcGIS. The first section of this paper describes the different types of cyber-crime with their punishment against cyber-crimes in India. In the next section it demonstrates spatial database maps of cases registered under IT Act 2000 for the years 2010, 2011,2012 and 2013, dot density maps of IT Act case according to age group and bar maps according to age group for the previous years 2011 to 2013are explained. These maps are compared with the registered IT companies in the state, IT companies per area of the state,cyber-crime /area of state. At last the trends of cyber-crime over state wise distribution is analysed so that proper action can be taken by the government or administrators.

Keywords:Geographic information systems;Cyber Security; Cyber-crime; IT Act 2000


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