Formal Specification of Control Software Systems using Behavioral Views

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Ayaz Isazadeh
Jaber Karimpour, Habib Izadkhah


Large-scale control software systems are generally complex to describe, construct, manage, understand, and maintain. This paper
approaches to reducing this complexity separate software structural and behavioral descriptions. Much research about control software systems
continues on software structures and their patterns, characterizations, and classifications. Currently, research on the behavioral aspect of control
software systems includes using formal notations for specifying software behaviors. Large formal specifications, however, can be difficult to
create and to understand; more research is needed into methods for assisting software requirements engineers in reducing these difficulties. This
paper uses the idea of a software behavioral view. We believe that a fully developed methodology based on views would significantly reduce the
complexity of creating and understanding software requirements. This paper deals with the use of view formalism, a state chart based formalism,
to specify of control logic for a telephone set system.


Keywords: Formal method; requirement specification; control system software; behavioral views and statecharts;


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