An Imperceptible and Variable Block Based Blind Watermarking Scheme for Content & Copyright protection

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S. Arun Kumar
U.Senthil Kumaran, K.Vijaya Kumar


This paper presents a highly robust watermarking scheme for color images in spatial domain using variable block probability with a
password authentication technique. There are two main phases of this paper; one is Invisible watermarking phase and other is the Password
insertion phase inside the image. In the watermarking phase a binary watermark is permuted using a random number, which is then convoluted
and converted in to gray code. Each bit of the binary watermark is embedded inside the host image by using the threshold method, where a
threshold value is determined. The bits are embedded accordingly by modifying the intensities of the variable block which are then inserted in
the blue component of the host image. In the Password insertion phase a 32-bit binary key (Secret key) is embedded in the green component of
the original image along with the watermark. Extraction of the watermark is done by using the key embedded inside the watermarked image.
The same watermark has been embedded in five different positions to provide high robustness and it also secure, only the person with the
correct password can extract the watermark and also the use of random number (32*32) as a secret key intensifies the security of the


Index Terms- Watermarking, Spatial domain, Convolution coding, Viterbi decoding.


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