Usage of Big Data Analytics for Customer Relationship Management

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Romika Yadav
Monika, Tarun Kumar,, Garima


Customer Relationship Management plays an important role in the enterprisesthat runned large scale business and small scale business.Customer Relationship Management provides a relationship between the customers and management of the industry or companies. Every industry or company working onfor the customer expectations and their needs. Customer plays an important role in the business activities and decision making process of the companies.In this paper we are proposing a set of steps to identify the customer relationship with the management of industry.Earlier marketing strategies are based on data mining activities and storedrelationship database .But these strategy without big data analytics not providing excepted results to industries. We are providing big data with new velocity rule, new variety rule, and new privacy data and with a new volume rule for the business activities to optimize the decisions.


Keywords- Big Data Analytics, Decision Making Process, Business Activities, Customer Relationship Management.


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