An Approach for Securing the Clients Data in Cloud Storage with Network Coding Function via Multi Authority Auditing (MAA) Scheme

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Ms. R. Poorva Devi, Dr. S. Rajalakshmi


The data outsourced by the user to the cloud should be intact i.e., it should not be altered by the cloud for any reasons. In present days many services are being provided by the cloud. Storage is one the service cloud provides. Even it is widely accepted still end users suffer with lack of security in the storage because hackers are more intelligent hacking techniques. To protect the user’s data from these kinds of hacking morality, to propose a high level of security by using secure cloud storage, networking coding and multi authority auditing phenomenon. Secure cloud storage protocol is a promising one, for enabling the user to ensure the integrity of data in the cloud. Another mechanism of network coding is a routing paradigm different from the traditional store-and-forward method. Primarily, to propose a multi authority auditing which is more appropriate for data access control of cloud storage systems, as users may hold attributes issued by multiple authorities. We can demonstrate the relationship between these areas using a series of steps in cloud environment. The proposed techniques are applied into the ican cloud simulator tool to find the efficient outcome for cloud security utility.


Keywords: Secure Cloud Storage, Secure Network Coding, Multi Authority Auditing, Cloud Server, Cloud Security.


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