Programming Development on Transportation Problem using c++ and Stepping Stone for Evaluation

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Adeoye .O. Akeem
Babalola John.B,Igbinehi,E.M, Emiola Olawale.K.S


The aim of this research is to develop a programm for three methods of solving transportation problems. C++ was used to write the programm on initial feasible solution and optimal solution using North West Corner Rule, Least Cost Rule and Vogel Approximation Method. Stepping stone is used to obtain the optimal solution. From the result of the analysis, we discovered that the Programming on Vogel Approximation Method gives the same result at optimal solution and at low number of iterations. Hence we conclude that programming on Vogel Approximation Method is the best method of finding initial feasible solution, optimal solution and for distribution of good.

Keywords: Optimal, Initial, Feasible, Cost and Solution.


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