The Application of Vague Set Theory in Association Rule Mining: A Survey

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Terrence Shebuel Arvind
Vivek Badhe


Data Mining is one of the major research areas today. There are a number of techniques that were developed when it first emerged and with time the development of new techniques and enhancements over old ones are still in effect. One such area is Association Rules (ARs). Being the simple method of all there is a large possibility of advancing this method. There are a number of applications that have been developed for Association Rules; but considering the data integration from various sources and its heterogeneity some amount of vagueness persists. To deal with vague data existing in databases some proper technique must be weighed in. One such technique used, and the focus of our survey is Vague Set Theory and its application in Association Rule Mining.


Keywords: Data Mining, Association Rule (ARs) Mining, Vague Set Theory, Vague Functional Dependencies (VFDs)


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